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What is Bank On

Bank On Washington is a public and private initiative of the Financial Empowerment Network to connect people without checking and savings accounts to affordable mainstream financial services, including checking, savings, credit, and financial education opportunities. We assist in providing people with alternatives to paying more than they need to for financial services, to help them on a pathway to economic stability and success.

Together in partnership with banks, credit unions, government, and community organizations, local Bank On’s work together to bring affordable mainstream financial services to our Washington communities.

Nationally, Bank On is a movement to connect people to safe, affordable, and functional checking and savings accounts. There are over 200 accounts now certified as meeting the national Bank On Standards. That means they have low opening deposit and low minimum balance requirements, low or no monthly fees, and never charge overdraft accounts.

Check out the list of Bank On certified accounts in Washington State.

Learn more about local Bank On work happening in your community!

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Bank On Washington is a cross-sector coalition focused on connecting Washingtonians to safe, affordable and accessible financial services. We do this in a few ways:

  • Bank On Certified Accounts: There are currently 14 accounts in Washington State that meet the Bank On National Account Standards. This means they are created with consumers in mind, and offer features that make them safe and affordable. Learn more about the financial institutions who are currently offering these accounts!
  • Bank On WA Leadership:
    • 2022 Bank On WA co-chairs
      • Ziquora Banks, Verity Credit Union
      • Becky House, American Financial Solutions
      • Thushari Gooneratne, JPM Chase
      • Barbara Maxwell, Blue Mountain Action Council & Walla Walla ABC
      • Adam Stein, Columbia Bank
    • We are currently forming a Bank On WA steering committee. Please let us know if you are interested!
  • Convenings: Bank On Washington hosts events throughout the year to continue these important conversations about increasing access to safe, affordable financial products and services across the state.
    • Learn more about our Bank On WA Annual Forum!
    • In 2022, we partnered with the Washington State Asset Building Coalition to co-host catalyst lunch events with Bank On Walla Walla and Bank On Cowlitz County! Let us know if you would like to bring a Bank On Catalyst event to your community!
    • 2021 Bank On WA Coffee Hour Events information and recordings  

Bank On Seattle - King County (BOSKC), a youth-led Bank On campaign, with oversight from the Community Network Council, and the Financial Empowerment Network, supports efforts to improve financial education, critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration skills of 6th–8th graders. The program highlights a financial continuum that begins with the importance of possessing a bank account and continues to additional topics, like career planning.

Additional goals of BOSKC include:

  • Enhancing existing financial education efforts with Bank On integration
  • Strengthening curriculum content in mathematics and social studies classes
  • Building strong partnerships between parents, banks, schools, nonprofit organizations, and local government as a foundation of a successful youth-led Bank On coalition
  • Involving youth in Bank On Seattle- King County program implementation and administration