Our Impact

Our power and impact arise from the fact that the Financial Empowerment Network partners with organizations across sectors throughout Washington. 

In 2021, 100% of respondents felt better able to address the financial situations of their clients or community members after attending a FEN workshop, and 90% felt better able to address their own financial situations

We have big, audacious goals! We want low- and moderate-income individuals and families, un- and under-banked, and other historically marginalized individuals and communities to achieve increased financial wellness. For FEN, this means they will:

  1. Have an increased knowledge and understanding of personal finance, financial systems, and their own relationship to their finances
  2. Feel more confident in their ability to successfully navigate financial systems
  3. Have increased access to safe and affordable financial products and services
  4. Be connected to appropriate and relevant programs, services and products to assist them in their journey of increasing their financial wellness

To get there, FEN uses a multi-pronged approach to support the integration of financial wellness into other products, programs & services offered by our nonprofit, social service, and financial institution partners. Our target audience is professionals in the field across sectors:

  1. Increased Financial Education Baseline: Practitioners have a baseline of financial knowledge, tools, & confidence to integrate financial wellness into their service delivery
  2. Economic Justice Framework: Practitioners have a stronger understanding of the structural and social issues that cause economic hardship for BIPOC, low-income, and other historically marginalized communities, and are better able to address issues of equity, financial inclusion, and financial wellness for all communities. 
  3. Follow-up Support: Practitioners have access to ongoing continued financial education & resources for vetting credible information
  4. Resources, Referrals & Connections: Practitioners have a solid understanding of the products and services available across sectors, and continuous access to updated, credible referral resources
  5. Financial Wellness Program Development Support: Practitioners and their leadership have support available for identifying how, when and why to embed financial wellness services into their ongoing service delivery models

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